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Indian Army fires warning shots and scares away the Chinese SLAVE ARMY goons attempting to intrude into Indian side of the LAC on Monday evening.

September 8, 2020
1. So far, our army has had better of the standoff at Ladakh since May 2020.
1.1. This achievement has come about only because of PM MODI’s stewardship.
1.2. India’s strategic Think Tank headed by Ajit Doval , our CDS and army chief have also has played a major role in this , encouraged by the freedom given by the political leadership.
2. According to sources, the incident took place between 5:30 pm – 6:30 pm on Monday evening in which 25–50 Chinese troops were seen moving towards north of Rezang La. The Chinese soldiers were moving towards the Indian territory and the Indian Army opened fire as a warning in retaliation to the illegal attempt by Chinese troops.
3. As long as we stay resoled to boot out the slaves, we need not worry about the repeated attempts by these goons to sneak into our side of the LAC
3.1. After all, the whole nation BARRING THE INTERNAL ENEMIES are with PM MODI in this resolve.
Ramdas Iyer
jai Hind