May 19, 2019


1.1. For ages now, the West and the uninitiated in Bharat who either are lost in pursuing the fallacy of “duality”[ a superior God and his subordinate Creation] expounded by the Vedas , or, are obsessed with aping, parroting, and mimicking the West have been EQUATING the human Mind with the Brain!

1.2. The brain, like all other human organs, is made up of physical matter, which occupies space and can be seen and felt.

1.3. The Mind, on the other hand, has no PHYSICAL Form.

1.3.1. The West calls it a mere concept, abstruse, recondite and abstract; so it puzzles them no end as a riddle wrapped in an enigma and will continue to be so!

1.3.2. It is here the GITA, in which Krishna proffers the quintessence of the Vedanta or the Upanishads, comes to the deliverance of mankind like a beacon in pudgy darkness, in decoding the enigma called the human MIND!

1.3.3. In Ch. 2:30, He uses the word “DEHI” to describe the mind and says –“Dehi NITYAM, Avadhyoyam”—eternal and indestructible.

1.3.4. The human mind is thus pure CONSCIOUSNESS, an infinite cumulation, assemblage and collage of thoughts, past and present, of imagination and dreams.

1.3.5. Also called the Jeevathma, it is thus an inseparable part of the Paramathma, or the Brahman.

1.3.6. But when the Jeevathma gets enmeshed in and entangled by the material world called “Prakriti”, consisting of the human body with its sense organs and the world we all “live” in, the Mind or the Dehi or the Jeevathma, erroneously and indiscreetly IDENTIFIES itself with the human BODY, which I am fond of repeating, we never asked for!

1.3.7. As a CONSEQUENCE of this imprudent, may be inadvertent perception or judgment, the Mind, the Jeevathma, unwittingly ACQUIRES and gets LATCHED ON TO the THREE Prakriti bound GUNAS or attributes,– “SATH”(or Satva), “RAJAS” and “THAMAS”—Ch.14:5

2. Krishna continues,–

2.1. Of these three Gunas, SATVA is the mode of GOODNESS;I would call it “WELLNESS” or UNCONDITIONAL BLISS, beyond mere “happiness”, which we all pursue, which is a conditional form of Goodness, dependent upon our begetting MATERIAL GOOD or “Yoga Kshema”—Ch.14:6

2.2. RAJAS, the attribute of PASSION leads to UNLIMITED yearnings and
ATTACHMENT to “fruitive” MATERIAL actions—Ch.14:7

2.2.1. I would associate the attribute of RAJAS only with LEGITIMATE, LEGAL and MORAL material actions like acquiring an educational qualification, doing your work honestly and efficiently (continuous improvement), doing business ETHICALLY, taking care of your family, helping your relatives and friends to the extent you can and looking beyond yourself to help the less privileged as best as you can, individually and collectively and wishing everyone good.

2.3. TAMAS is the attribute of IGNORANCE (if you think of our Politians here, you are RIGHT, with a handful of exceptions that we all know!). “It leads to misapprehension and results in madness and laziness”—Ch.14:8

2.3.1. I would include all the corrupt politicians & bureaucrats, liars, cheats, corn men, violent people and hypocrites in this category!


3.1. From SATVA, enlightenment is born;

3.2. From RAJAS, materialism is born (okay if it is pursued by legitimate means!); and

3.3. From THAMAS, delusion and ignorance are born—Ch.14:17

3.4. Those established in SATVA ascend to higher planets;

3.5. Those in RAJAS, remain in earthly planets; and

3.6. Those in the lowest quality of THAMAS descend to hellish worlds—Ch.14:18

3.7. When one correctly understands all actions are a result of these three GUNAS and he realises the Supreme Lord (unborn, eternal and immutable), HE ATTAINS SPIRITUAL TRANSCEDENCE!

4. It is pertinent, germane for me here to take you to what Krishna proclaims about the VEDAS—“thrigunya vishayaa Veda, NISTHRIGUNYO bhava Arjuna; nirdvantvo, nithyastvasthu, NIRYOGAKHEMA, Atmavan”, meaning, —
The THREE GUNAS of Satva, Rajas and Thamas are the framework, scheme, structure within (the constraints) of which the Vedas ANALYSE LIFE. Fix your MIND (Dehi, Jeevathma) on TRUTH and FREE YOURSELF FROM THE CONCERNS OF THE MATERIAL WORLD; concentrate on the SELF (the Paramatma) ALONE!—Ch.2:45 (Transcendental Knowledge)

4.1. In other words, the VEDAS, according to me, perpetuate the FALLACY, the MYTH of DUALITY, of a superior God and his subordinate Creation!

4.2. It makes LIFE ritual ridden and, mistaking our FLEETING, PERISHING BODIES to be REAL (as I have said above, we never asked for it in the first place; so human birth is a MERE ACCIDENT!), we flock to him in “SARANAGATHI” for our desire fulfilment!

4.3. The UPANISHADS, which alone represents the SANATHANA DHARMA, was created by enlightened ASCETIICS, AS the DIVINE “MAGNA CARTA”, the very CHARTER to guide human life through the path it is destined to.

4.4. That is the reason Krishna exhorts Arjuna to GO BEYOND THE VEDAS, to the VEDANTA or the UPANISHADS, by saying “nisthrigunyo bhava Arjuna”.

5. But then, it does not happen in just one human life span. Then what do we do?

6. Krishna solves this dilemma of the Mind by revealing the truth of REBIRTH or Punar Janmam, which to me is DISTILLED LOGIC for a Mind aspiring to move up the evolutionary ladder.

6.1. Krishna speaks thus-“ vasamsi jeernani yatha vihaya navani grhnathi naro aparani; thatha sareerani vihaya jeernani,anyani samyathi navani DEHI” meaning,–
Just as we discard our worn out garments, the DEHI or the Jeevathma discards the worn out bodies and accepts new ones—Ch.2:22

7. Now we may ask-“how do I lead my life in action, since I have not attained the spiritual maturity to renounce worldly life?

7.1. We can find the answer to this in Ch.2:48, where Krishna DEFINES what ALONE constitutes or is meant by the expression “YOGA”—
“Yogasthava kuru Karmani, SANGAM thyakthva Dhananjaya; Sidya-Asidyaya SAMO bhutva, SAMATHVAM YOGA UCHYATHE”, meaning,
Fix your mind on your DUTY abandoning all thoughts about the FRUITS of your action; treat GAIN and LOSS EQUALLY, for, EQUANIMITY OF THE MIND ALONE IS “YOGA”! To me, this verse takes the competence of HUMAN THINKING TO ITS ULTIMATE SUMMIT! Let me explain. By sheer habit, we all EXULT (to varying degrees depending upon the possession of our Minds by the three GUNAS of Satva, Rajas and Thamas) and GRIEVE, again to varying degrees as per the stature of our Mind. As we know, the outcomes of our actions are NOT entirely in our control, however ingeniously we manage these. Only those who have internalised the Guna of SATVA will be able to experience the results of his action, success or failure with an EQUANIMOUS MIND, one in DYNAMIC EQUILLIBRIUM, whichever way the outcome goes. He is the KARMA YOGI who ultimately realises the BRAHMAN and LIBERATES himself from the cycle of re-births. The other to attain this state is that of the RISHIS who are spiritually elevated enough to renounce all action! For the Rajasic and Thamasic Minds, LIFE becomes helplessly perched ON AN EMOTIONAL SWING, to their own physical and mental detriment!

8. A very few number of well-known western philosophers are blessed to understand and assimilate the greatness of the GITA. One such man, whom I appreciate, is the twentieth century English philosopher Aldous Huxley, who authored the book the “Perennial Philosophy” on the GITA.

8.1. To quote him—“The Bhagavad Gita is the most systematic statement of spiritual evolution of enduring value to mankind. It is one of the clearest and comprehensive summaries of perennial philosophy EVER REVEALED; hence its enduring value is relevant not only to India but to all of the humanity”.

Ramdas Iyer
On the trail of decoding the Human Mind!