February 26, 2019


1.1. We all Know that Pakistan was born out of religious fascism [ our way or no way ], with the connivance of the British with Jinnah.

1.2. The hurried decision of fixing an impractical short time for this vivisection left in its wake, the largest religious killings and displacement in world history.

1.3. Nehru was in a hurry to become the prime Minister of a truncated mother land.

1.4. Gandhi proclaimed that India could be vivisected only over his dead body but nobody took him seriously.

1.5. After Raja Hari Singh signed the Accession Pact with India, Pakistani marauders raided the valley.

1.5.1. Mysteriously, Nehru did not allow the Army General Thimayya even three days to throw out the Pakistan’s looting tribal gangs from kashmir.

1.5.2. After this, when one third of the Indian territory of Kashmir was under the Pakistani occupation, Nehru and his man Friday, the then “defence” minister V.K. Krishna Menon for reasons best known to them [ and needs to be investigated at the highest level and the facts presented to the nation], TOOK A PURELY INTERNAL MATTER [ territory occupied by an enemy country] to the UNSC, knowing pretty well that India and Nehru had no friends there and so, none of the then four permanent members would be willing to veto a resolution not favourable to India.

1.5.3. As was to be expected, the UNSC passed a resolution for a Plebiscite in kashmir under UN supervision, after both the countries withdraw their armies once “normalcy” was restored.

1.5.4. To this day, Pakistan is pushing us on the back foot at every international forum, quoting this 70 year old Resolution.

1.5.5. Copied below are the excerpts from the well researched book of Mr. Shiv Kunal Verma reported in the Hindustan Times [ link copied below this line] which bring out the contempt Nehru had for our military preparedness.…/story-HANyf9zP7rC4k5dhLkSa…

“Nehru, unlike Bose and Patel, veered away from building military power. Although, when cornered, he was not averse to using it—as in the case of Kashmir in 1947-48 and then Goa in 1961—for the most part, he talked disarmament, non-alignment and Panchsheel. In a speech delivered at the Kerala Provisional Conference in 1928, Nehru had spelt out his international assessments: ‘No danger threatens India from any direction; and even if there is any danger we shall cope with it.’ No surprise then that when the first Commander-in-Chief of the Indian Army, General Sir Rob Lockhart, went to Nehru with a formal defence paper that needed a policy directive from the prime minister, Nehru had exclaimed: ‘Rubbish! Total rubbish! We don’t need a defence policy. Our policy is ahimsa (non-violence). We foresee no military threats. As far as I am concerned you can scrap the army—the police are good enough to meet our security needs.’ It’s a different matter that Nehru had to eat his words by the end of October 1947 itself when the tribal hordes invaded Kashmir.”

2. In the years that followed our independence, successive Congress Governments chose to look the other way when the Hindu citizens of Pakistan, who had no alternative but to continue to live there, were systematically and brutally murdered , the women raped and men and women converted forcibly into Islam with the active involvement of the Pakistan State.

2.1. As a consequence of this prolonged genocide and conversion , the Hindu population in Pakistan tumbled down from 20 % in 1947 to just 2% or less as on date.

2.2. They were betrayed by the successive Congress Governments in the excuse of non-interference in the “internal” matters of another “country”, instead of intervening militarily to stop the mayhem and carving out a separate home land for the persecuted Hindu Citizens. The ideal time to do this was the early Fifties, after we became a Republic.

2.3. Simultaneously, India must have supported the freedom aspirations of regions like the Sindh and Baluchistan by allowing them to form their Governments in exile, which we did for the Dalai Lama of Tibet and got nothing out of it!

3. Coming to Pulwama attack, if the video reports of Abhijit Iyer [ link attached] and such other reports are to be believed, India’s war games with Pakistan have established beyond doubt that the “tactical” nukes of Pakis are no deterrent for india at all.

4. Therefore, India must go for a swift and short limited objective military engagement with Pakistan in order to eliminate the terror camps there, either capture or kill the JeM and LeT leaders and incidentally cause crippling damage to some high value military infrastructure and hardware of Pakistan, without formally declaring a war at all.

5. Now, as usual , and as it happened soon after the 26/11/2018 Bombay attack, when the Industry Captains rushed to PM Man Mohan Singh and urged him NOT to start a retaliation, citing business reasons. It will happen this time too!

5.1. What we have to get clear here is that business is after all a SUB SYSTEM of our wider Social System, in which the quality of Life is measured not in terms of loss of opportunities to create additional wealth during a limited and short military engagement but, it is evaluated in terms of fighting and defeating “ADHARMA” , which alone distinguishes Humans from the animal kingdom.

6. The IAF “Surgical Strike-2” early this morning on the JeM bases across the border is the first step in this right direction.

Ramdas Iyer
Independent Analyst