January 9, 2020

1. The engineered and instigated ” protests” against the CAA are a mere apology, a hogwash for a disguised diabolic design to PREVENT a legitimately elected PEOPLE’ S Government from,–
* redeeming;
* renewing ; and
* reinstating the benign, inclusive and universal idea of BHARAT , a land which stands for universal brotherhood, ” Vasudeva Kutumbakam”.

2. Thus the battle lines are drawn by an incongruous conglomerate of forces led by the Dynasty which manuoured its way to power through means questionable at the dawn of independence and perpetuated it’s rule for over six decades by dividing some and appeasing others .

3. This gang of defeated delinquents have now perched BHARAT on a precipice ,waiting to shove it into the abyss of perennial darkness in which they had held the nation captive for over six decades by vending hogwash , calumny and deceit.

4. It is now time for the MODI Govt to recollect the mandate of the people and launch the counter offensive using legitimate State Power vested in it to RETRIEVE BHARAT FROM THE OVERHANGING CLIFF ON WHICH THE REJECTED FORCES HAVE LANDED HER.

4.1. It is amusing to read and watch their cohorts in the press and media desperately attempting to hoodwink the people all over again by accusing the MODI Govt, the sole political Trustee of the idea of Bharat, of ambushing the ” pluralism ” of Bharat , a philosophy in which they never had any faith in the first place !

5. The BJP , with whom the people have entrusted the Conscience of Bharat has to come out and do its conscience keeper’s duty by mobilizing public opinion in the same way it did to wake up the people in 2014 and 2019.

5.1. Apart from launching a press- media blitzkrieg, the party has to call the people who are waiting, to come out in every village, town and city of Bharat and peacefully counter the canard and venom spouted by the forces antithetical to BHARAT.
5.2. There is no need to match or outdo the high decibel amplified noise mouthed by the delinquents;

5.2.1. the mere silence of the sinned against people holding placards of peace will drown the din raised by the forces hell bent in sabotaging the will of the people and in plunging the nation into chaos.

Ramdas Iyer
Independent Analyst