Life Management


January 12, 2018

The objective of this Article is to stimulate your thought process to introspect and discover yourself, only after which you can aspire to become an effective HOLISTIC Time Manager. I have given a few sample examples to assist you in this.

1.1. From the time the modern Management Practices were born, for several decades now, countless workshops are held in star hotels the world over, where herds of anxious business owners, managers and executives keep flocking, REPEATEDLY!

1.2. A relevant question to ask here is “how many of these countless men and women have become and remained as good time managers in spite of mastering the ABC approach, the Pareto Method, the Eisenhower Method and so on ?

1.3. The answer would be—many have succeeded but have not been able to sustain the success and hence the repeat attendance in such workshops.

1.4. And even if some succeed, due to exaggerated emphasis on career related time management, they end up spending more time working, derailing their work-life balance and family life. But why?


2.1. Almost all the time management workshops are concerned only with managing one’s business, profession or job. They do not dwell upon the time management of YOUR PERSONAL LIFE, the time you spend after your working hours end (if at all it ends!)

2.2. It is simply beyond the competence of the time management of the TM
practitioners to address this issue in a holistic manner.

2.3. This robotic approach totally ignores the fundamental truth—THAT TIME
Now, the next question you will ask yourself is “how will I ever learn to manage my mind and, what is it all about?”


3.1. True, all men and women do develop material goals right from their
school/college days.

3.2. This trait is driven by the “herd mentality”, that is, to succeed in life through formal education or by doing business or, pursuing an artistic line and so on, which is expected to lead to personal wealth creation, fame and the consequential social status and acceptability.

3.3. But hold, the human mind has many other desire driven natural instincts and characteristics, shaped by the external eco system and in born self instincts, WHICH KEEP OVERWHELMING the above said primary ambition, thus DISTRACTING you from devoting time and efforts to achieve your primary goals.


3.4.1. As a student, you have planned to finish some important week end learning assignment but then you give it up and rush to watch the newly released movie of your favorite star, not once, but for two consecutive days. Worse, you keep thinking and talking to your friends about the movie’s punch dialogues and juicy scenes!

3.4.2. Being overly sensitive in nature, you feel hurt by some remarks about you by your parents /relative or a friend and keep anguishing about it, forsaking your PRIMARY GOAL or ambition.

3.4.3. You are addicted to reading fiction and take time away from pursuing your primary ambition to read a new book feeding your obsession.

3.4.4. You are consumed by the charm of a boy or girl, woman or man, whom you want to befriend but you are not yet ready to open it out to him or her and so you spend hours dreaming of him/her.

3.4.5. You have a natural hobby of pursuing music or sports but your natural instincts make you spend more than necessary time to indulge in it.
Note: There are nobler philosophical instincts which throw up probing questions in the minds of many, which I am not going into, in this Article.
So, by now, it is clear to us that unless we overcome these distractions, we will be failing to achieve our primary ambitions, leading us to despair and failure and future regrets.
Then, how shall we get over these distractions called overwhelming instincts?


Ref. 3.4.1. The obsession with films and film stars in your formative years emanate from your inability to distinguish between REAL life and REEL life! When such people watch the movies, they just merge into their favorite heroes and heroines, and imagine these actors are living their real lives in the movies. They also get the satisfaction of realizing their unfulfilled expectations in their real lives. Unaware that such satisfaction is only illusory and transient; they are unable to come out of it, thus losing their precious time to pursue their primary goals. If you are one among these, it is time you did a hard reality check; you will then be able to cast away this obsession. Tell yourself that cinema is only for spare time entertainment and movie makers, directors and actors are no social reformers or opinion makers; they are there only to make money and fame for themselves—their primary ambition! Or, if you really want to be one among them, change your primary ambition to this boldly and start working for it!

Ref.3.4.2. This kind of over sensitiveness stems from a deficit in self belief and self confidence—may be in born or driven in by the family eco system. Either way, you have to understand that, as a human being, you owe it to yourself, come what may, to be—

    • first, self respecting,
    • second, self confident
    • and third, KIND to yourself Do not keep REACTING to happenings to you or words spoken to you; just RESPOND, if necessary, or just ignore and forget it! Never entertain the “feeling hurt” syndrome; no one can hurt you against your will. If you do not start practicing what is said in and, you will soon end up as a liability to yourself, to your own people and to the society at large. I am sure, you certainly do not want this to happen to you. Then what are you waiting for? Start, NOW!
Ref.3.4.3.This basically stems from your voyeuristic natural instincts! You keep devouring fiction, book after book, stepping into their roles as if it is your own life! This is because you are again unable to draw the line between fiction and facts of your life. Otherwise, when there are so many facts of life which you NEED to know for your own real benefit, why are you lost in fiction? Burry this delusion just now by following and internalizing what is said under Para 3.4.2., above! Take it from me, you CAN do it and dare to be your real self!

Ref.3.4.4. There is nothing wrong in being charmed by a girl, boy, woman or man, PROVIDED it is legitimate! But your inability to express it to him or he, stems from your inferiority
complex! a reality check dispassionately and find out for yourself whether you are eligible to take her/his hand. If you find, you indeed are eligible, go ahead and express yourself as best as you can; If the response is negative, shake hands and forget it. Also, if your reality check tells you that you are NOT eligible just get past the obsession and have a hearty laugh at yourself—you will be all right!

Ref.3.4.5. Our societal mindset does not permit children and youngsters to pursue deviant careers! We think in straight jacketed silos. If you follow what is said in 3.4.2., it should not matter to you. If you believe your career lies in music, arts or sports, take the plunge boldly and change your hobby into your primary ambition. If not, you will do well if you treat your hobbies as leisure time pursuits and allot your time for it accordingly. The choice is yours!